Wednesday Morning Ministry



Welcome to our Wednesday Morning Ministry.  We are a small group of Christians connecting each Wednesday morning at 10:00 for a Bible Study at the MCOC building.  Our purpose is to teach, support, lean into and celebrate each other through the strengths of our life-experiences and the depth of our Spirituality.  Our focus is centering the Christ in our lives and the lives of others.  You will find that we pray together, privately, and often.  We study His word in detail and application.


Celebration and fellowship both fit nicely into the mix of this ministry as we celebrate birthdays on a monthly basis; have a field-trip each month to an area eatery for lunch; support the congregational activities and we love to have fun and laugh.  It really is good for the soul – just check out our bulletin board in the hallway of the building.


In addition, we have an ongoing card ministry that connects our class across the country with those in need to God’s cheer and ministry.  When one becomes a part of our forum, s/he will begin to receive a weekly study and information mailer in their home US Mail box.  Presently, we mail 65 weekly mailers to thirteen different cities and towns across six different states.  We would like to add you as well.


We also stay in close touch with each other during the week with visitations, calls, texts, and other points of connection here in the congregation itself.  And speaking of visitation, we maintain an ongoing hospital and member visitation ministry for our shut-ins across the year.


We are a group of folks Centered upon Christ, caring one-for-another, in continuous celebration of our relationship with God.  We gather in His name weekly and invite you to join with us.  It is our prayer that we see you there soon.  If you have any questions, need prayer, would like to receive our weekly mailer, or just need a friend, please connect with one of us or call me, Ron Williams at 304-288-5734 or connect via email at

361 Scott Ave.

Morgantown, WV 26508

Church Office:

(304) 296-3736
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