Adult Bible Classes


All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for training in righteousness. – 2 Timothy 3:16

We want your suggestions for future adult Bible classes

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Sunday Morning Class (9:30-10:20am)

The Gospel Project for Adults

The Gospel Project for adults takes men and women on a chronological, Christ-centered journey through the storyline of Scripture. This fall, The Gospel Project starts a new three-year cycle, beginning at the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth. This thirteen-week study covers the fall of man, the story of Abraham, and God’s plan to bless the whole world through one broken family. From this family would come the One to restore the goodness of creation and provide for the salvation of the world.


The Gospel Project will be taught in two venues: our regular adult Bible class in the auditorium, and a college-aged class in the upstairs adult classroom.


Regular Adult Class

Teachers: J. Sausen, T. Randolph, D. Phares, D. Shuttlesworth

Location: Auditorium


College-Aged Class

Teachers: R. Dull, D. Corbett, J. Wimer

Location: Adult Classroom (end of hall on left side of auditorium)

Bible class for college-aged students will meet in the upstairs adult classroom every Sunday at 9:30am, and then reassemble after worship for lunch in the downstairs fellowship hall.

Wednesday Morning Class

Teacher: Ron Williams

Location: Large Adult Classroom at the end of the left-side main hall.

This class is a reading and discussion on The Book of Proverbs.

Wednesday Evening Class (6:30-7:30pm)

Discovery Bible Study

Teachers: Richard Moore

Location: Adult Classroom (end of hall on left side of auditorium)

Using the Discovery Bible Study approach, we continue our study of the Bible. In addition, this class will equip you for your own individual Bible study, your ability to lead and encourage other Christians in their Bible study, and ultimately to feel equipped to lead non-believers to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.


Wednesday Night Ladies’ Class

Teachers: M. Scherer, C. Scherer

Location: Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

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